Mark Kloud – The Protector EP

Just wrapped up 4 new tunes that I’ve been working on over the past month or so. All 4 tracks are deep and dark dubstep. If any one is interested in wav’s or 320’s of the tracks just hit me up. Also the tracks are unsigned if any labels out there want to release them.

AND .. Hoping to get some good news from London based, Deep Dubstep label – Gamma Audio. They reached out to me showing interest in my “Daggers in the Heart” song and are considering it for release on an upcoming compilation.


Mark Kloud – Footwork / Jungle 1 & 2

I’ve gotten some really good feedback on my Footwork / Jungle remixes I’ve been putting together. It started about 7-8 months ago when I got turned on to the sound from Phillip D. Kick aka Om Unit. He released 3 volumes of Footwork / Jungle remixes of some classic Jungle tracks. I’ve been huge on Jungle since the mid – late 90’s and have been collecting it on vinyl since 98. So I’ve gone thru some of my favorite tunes in a hybrid jungle, footwork, drum and bass, juke style.

Mark Kloud – Footwork / Jungle 1

Mark Kloud – London’s Most Wanted (aka Ray Keith) – Girls Dem Want it (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud – Secret Squirrel – Illegal business (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud – Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh! (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud – P-Funk Era (aka Pascal) – P-Funk Era (Footwork edit)

Mark Kloud – Footwork / Jungle 2

Mark Kloud – Doc Scott – Unofficial Ghost (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud – Doc Scott – Far Away (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud – Red Army – Lightning & Thunder (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud – Danny Breaks – Step Off (Footwork edit) … download available here:

If you’re into this sound make sure to check out Machinedrum, .. also The Host (aka Boxcutter) and Kuedo have some similar 160 bpm sounds but more along the lines of Minimal Juke but have similar sounds and styles to the early Intelligent Drum and Bass days. Those guys all have releases on Planet Mu … actually you should be checking out every release that label puts out … QUALITY!

Another dude making the Footwork / Jungle sound is Bristol’s ActRaiser … I chatted with him recently and he’s been working hard putting together some studio mixes along with remixes of some Jungle rarities in the Footwork style.

ActRaiser – Lost in Jungle

Keep an out for my Doc Scott – Unofficial Ghost Footwork/ Jungle Remix in an upcoming mix of his. Don’t forget to listen to his Dubstep and Drum and Bass tracks … very talented producer!

Camp Bisco Eleven Poster Contest Entry

Check out my entry for this years Camp Bisco festival … the theme for this contest is ‘Machines’ – “These 4 days of music are a rare chance for music fans to escape from a modern world filled with machines.”
Been extremely busy lately, surprised I was able to get this done .. I’ve been piecing away at this design for the past month. Many 3d objects made with zbrush .. tons of layers on this one, hope you enjoy! Hopefully I can follow up last years win with this…

ALSO check out the design on Creative Allies here … ‘COMMENT’ & ‘LIKE’ … thanks

diggin in the crates mix and a chilled mix for winter

DIGGIN in the CRATES – Vinyl Finds 12.3.11

Had the urge to go crate diggin this past weekend … came across some really good tunes and decided to throw together a quick mix. The intro is a track from the Close Encounters of the Third Kind soundtrack, goes into some hip-hop from Stones Throw and more … some Jazz off of Blue Note and then into some drum and bass … here’s the link to the mix on mixcloud and the track list

Intro – Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Soundtrack
Peanut Butter Wolf – What About The Beats
Guilty Simpson – My Moment
Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty 2 (Instrumental)
Peanut Butter Wolf – Run The Line (Lord Finesse Mix)
Ike Quebec – Blue Sentimental
Interlude – Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Soundtrack
Ben Sage – All About You Vip
Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint
Spor – Do Not Shake
Random Movement – Risk
Marina & Mainframe – Whisper On The Wind
Noisia & Joe Seven – Ease Forward
Stray – Saturday
Mutt & Calculon – Easy On The Motion
Alix Perez – The Observer

I also found some rare old skool jungle … going to finally put together a mix of my jungle collection, stay tuned.

Chilled mix for Winter – Cent!mental
Another quick mix i put together .. im lazy and dont feel like putting together the track list … some artists on the mix include Stormloop, Trifonic, Massive Attack & Burial, Ulrich Troyer and more.

Feist ‘Metals’ Tour Poster Contest

Here are my 3 entries to the Feist ‘Metals’ Tour Poster Contest …
Here’s the link to entry 1 on Creative Allies

Here’s the link to entry 2 on Creative Allies

Here’s the link to entry 3 on Creative Allies

And if you haven’t heard the new album, ‘Metals’ check it out … it’s great … sorta reminds me of Cat Power, even though i hate to compare one artist to another.
My Favorite song of the album is “Cicadas and Gulls” and of course i cant find a video of just the album version, only covers and live versions … but here’s a clip from soundcloud…

I dont normally listen to the music for which i’m doing a design for but i found myself listening to ‘Metals’ over and over while working on these three designs … so again check out this album … good stuff!!

PROFOUND SOUND – November 2011 Mix

A new deep, dark, moody 140 bpm mix …

DOWNLOAD HERE ———> Mark Kloud – Profound Sound Mix
1. Mark kloud – morning darkness
2. actraiser – terranigma
3. promise one – trabzon
4. ufo & Kial – murdkdropolis
5. slovar – in the dark
6. mark kloud – seahorse
7. sp:mc & lx One – hunted
8. benton – skeptics
9. p era & fjh – cave crawler (vip mix)
10. enigma dubz – lights out
11. icicle & distance – exhale
12. distance – knowing
13. cyrus – the calling
14. tkr – breath (twisteds flying carpet remix)
15. mark kloud – some thoughts
16. haack – condemned
17. sp:mc – oh my gosh
18. requake – euro deal
19. benton – 20/20
20. ed:it – sphere (eleven8 remix)
21. Mark kloud – the mill
22. djg – breathing
23. sclist – transient
24. funk ethics – step in
25. goth trad – itinerant priest
26. biome – industrial
27. distance – mind control
28. sook – path of least resistance
29. ben verse – venomous
30. dj rum – undercoat
31. 50hz – reflections
32. lpz – problems
33. dj madd – pitfall (phaeleh remix)
34. truth – don’t explain
35. komonazmuk – bad apple
36. trevino – chip
37. djg – nyc
38. bonecold – rain
39. great skies – polaroid
40. airhead – lightmeters

yea its over 90 mins but try and take some time to listen to it, its not your typical ‘dubstep’ mix … its what i’m into at the moment. i included 4 of my own tunes, some new and not finished. hope you can enjoy it as much as i did putting it together!

Or stream on Mixcloud


Some more poster contest entries … this time for LIGHTS ALL NIGHT, a 2 day NYE festival in Dallas, Texas … here are my 3 entries
Here’s the link to the entry on Creative Allies

Here’s the link to the entry on Creative Allies

Here’s the link to the entry on Creative Allies

They’re also having a dj contest .. I submitted my video/ song Mark Kloud – The Mill
Here’s the link to my entry on the contest page … leave a comment!!!

OH one more thing … I noticed an entry for the poster contest looked far too similar to my 3rd version. Take a look at Ashley Lane’s design here
If you couldnt tell from some of the obvious things like color and composition, I pointed out some more similarities below…

HAHA… oh well maybe I’ll get a good laugh about this tomorrow … There are some good entries for this contest wish me luck and like the other contests if you like what I’ve done ‘like’ it on fb, twit it, +1 or whatever else you can do!